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How to Use the Fusion Heat Press

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The Hotronix Fusion heat press is simply one of the best manual presses on the market.  It is one of the very few presses that can act as both a drawer and a swing-away press. Also, it has an advanced digital display, which allows you to store different print variable settings. 

The press has top and bottom rectangular surfaces, which are called platens.  The bottom platen is where you load the product you will be pressing. While the bottom platen does not have a heating element, it can get fairly hot after it has been pressed several times.  The platen can be loaded with a shirt by either pulling the handle towards yourself, or you can unlock the side pin on the left side of the top platen, which will allow it to then swing to the right.  Choosing between using either the swing-away or drawer features comes down to personal preference. 


The bottom platen can be taken off of the press by pulling the pin beneath it, which connects it to the frame.  Once the platen is off, you can switch it out with a different platen. Additional platens that can make printing bags, sleeves, leggings, and other products easier may be bought through us.  The different platens act similar to the heat press pillows in that they help create a nice, even high point for a transfer to be pressed. The extra platens are fairly expensive, but they are a nice accessory if you have the demand for those kinds of prints. 


The top platen of the press has the heating element, and it will get very hot.  The heating element on the Hotronix Fusion has a lifetime warranty, one of the things that really sets the press apart from others.  DO NOT touch the top platen anywhere (its bottom, top, or sides) when the press is on or for at least an hour after it has been turned off.  If you do touch the top platen while it is hot, then you will likely burn yourself.


The digital display allows you to view the press’s temperature, pressure, and press time. It is extremely important that these three variables are set accurately to ensure a high-quality finished product.  The digital display also allows you to save presets of the variable settings for the each of the different types of transfers you will print. Making presets is a simple process, and you can find instructions in the press manual. 


When you change to a different preset, the press’s time and temperature settings will change, but you must change the pressure manually by turning the black knob located on the top of the press to the right or left.  By turning the knob to the right you increase the pressure, and turning to the left decreases the pressure. The digital display shows the pressure reading in the bottom left corner of the screen. The scale is 0-10, and pressure is typically described as either light, medium, or heavy.  Light pressure is 3-5, Medium is 6-8, and Heavy is 9-10. Most of the time you will press transfers with medium pressure, but you should always refer to the application instructions for the transfer that you are applying before pressing. 


Almost no maintenance is necessary to keep your heat press operating perfectly.  The best way to keep the press in good shape is to put both a top and bottom platen cover on it, both of which are included in our transfer supply kit.  These Teflon covers make the press easy to clean in the event you print a transfer upside down, and they also make loading a shirt much easier since they are a smooth surface and the bottom platen is covered by a rubber pad that will catch and snag garments (and is expensive to replace!). 


The last thing to talk about is the power cable.  The press uses approximately 15-18 amps of power. The press should be plugged directly into a wall outlet, but if you do need to use an extension cord it must be labeled heavy duty. Additionally, always unplug the press when it is not being used to prevent any chance of burns or other problems.  If the press does get left plugged-in and turned on, then it does have a safety feature that will turn the press off after it has not been used for an extended period. 


That is just about all there is to the Hotronix Fusion Heat Press. If you have any questions about how to operate the press, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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