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Why Use Screen Print Transfers?

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There are several reasons why decoration shops, schools, and small businesses should consider using screen print transfers to decorate a wide range of apparel products.  The only investment and equipment you need to print transfers is a heat press.  A quality press will deliver accurate time, temperature, and pressure which ensures a high quality finished product.  A heat press has a very high return on investment, considering that most high quality manual heat presses sell for around $2,000.00. Starting a direct screen printing business could cost up to 30 times that amount!  Also, a heat press takes up very little space and requires no daily maintenance.  All things considered, heat presses are the most logical option for the vast majority of new print shops.


Perhaps screen print transfers’ best quality is their versatility. Screen print transfers allow you to print on-demand, which means you never have to hold printed inventory that may or may not sell.  Transfers can be printed almost anywhere on a garment.  If you have multiple designs with the same color scheme, or if you can fit multiples of the same design onto a single transfer sheet, you can “gang” the artwork.  This means that you fit as many designs as possible onto a single sheet of transfer paper, drastically reducing the unit print cost. 


Another reason to consider using screen print transfers is how easy they are to apply.  It takes virtually zero experience to successfully print custom products using our transfers and a quality heat press. It is as simple as placing the transfer onto a garment, pressing it, and peeling off the transfer paper.  Print Fundraising’s transfers are much easier to apply than direct screen printing, and just as durable.  The transfers have quite a bit of play as well, meaning that they can be printed at slightly different variable settings and onto a wide range of products.  In other words, regardless of the product or design being printed, our transfers will perform. 


Print Fundraising has created a complete collection of support materials and videos to help you with any printing questions or problems that you might have.  Print Fundraising’s FAQ, troubleshooting guidelines, and help videos are always available on our website.


As you can see, there are many reasons why decoration shops, schools, and small businesses should consider using screen print transfers.  If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ page, shoot us an email or give us a call. 


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