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No Minimum, Full Color DTF Transfers  

No Minimum, Full Color DTF Transfers  

Direct-to-Film (DTF) full color transfers have revolutionized the custom apparel industry by delivering vivid, full-color graphics with stunning precision and vibrant detail. Print Phase DTF process ensures superior adhesion, durability, and longevity, allowing intricate designs to maintain their integrity and color brilliance even after multiple washes.

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We Make Ordering & Printing Transfers Easy

Delivering high quality custom printed apparel and other products has never been easier!

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DTF Pricing is based on how much total film must be used to print the artwork. DTF transfers can hold much more detail than Screen Print tranfers and are perfect for low run orders and artwork with a lot of colors. 

We Print & Ship Tranfers within 48 hrs 

We print your transfers using only the best DTF ink, powder, and film to ensure the best quality print. Ask us about the Print Phase Proof and how you can recieve a photo proof before your entire orders is printed.

You Press Transfer Onto Prouduct

Our transfers are designed so that they can be warm or cold peeled at a wide range of temperatures. We recommend printing our DTF transfers at 280* with medium pressure (40psi) for 10 seconds and peeled warm.

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We make ordering custom DTF transfers by print, roll / sheet, or use our design tool to create your own gang sheet

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The Power of Print Phase DTF Transfers

DTF transfers have forever changed the way apparel products are printed. Screen printing and other apparel decoration methods will always be a large part of the custom apparel decoration industry, but no process has made it so easy to deliver perfect quality products with just a heat press. 

Print onto Anything

Direct to Film (DTF) is quickly replacing DTG, which is limited in what materials the ink can be printed on. Print Phase DTF transfers can be heat pressed onto virtually any type of materials as we use only the highest quality tranfser film, ink and adhesive powder. 

Identical Print On All Products

Direct to Film (DTF) transfers allows a customer to mix and match a wide range of products and let the shop printing them gaurantee that every product printed has the exact same print look and quality, which is impossible for most apparel printing methods. 

Colors that Never Fade

Direct to Film (DTF) transfers not only provide beautiful vibrant colors, but they don't fade like DTG prints often do after being washed a few times. Your customers will love how the ink from their printed product never fades and keeps its strong color vibrancy after every wash. 

Durable / Highly Stretchable

Direct to Film (DTF) tranfsers offer great durability and stretch to ensure the print doesn't break down after being washed. As long as you press our DTF transfers at the correct time, temperature and pressure your customers will never have a problem with their finished product. 

Order a Free Sample Pack

We want you to be able to test our quality first hand before you deicde to make Print Phase your transfer supplier. To allow this, we are giving out FREE sample packs! Click on the button below to place your order & we will even cover the cost of shipping!

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Printing DTF Transfers is Easy

Anyone can master heat pressing DTF transfers in minutes!


Pre-press the product and then position the Transfer where you want to print it on the item


Press the transfers onto the product at 280* with medium pressure (40psi) for 10 seconds


Peel the transfer film warm (5 seconds after press) or cold (let cool for 20 seconds or more

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What is a DTF transfer?

DTF, is otherwise known as Direct To Film. This printing technique involves printing any design and color directly onto a film and then transferring it to any material such as cotton, polyester and linen with a simple 10-15 second heat press.

What is the minimum I can order?

There is no minimum!

What kind of press do I need?

We reccomend a Stahls Air Fusion heat press for easy use, but any heat press can apply DTF transfers.

What sizes are available?

We have many sizes available for you to purchase. Click on the "order size print" button towards the top of this page to see what sizes you can order.

How do transfers hold up in the wash?

We have vigorously tested out transfers on a variety of garments.

How quickly can I get my order?

This depends on a few factors. To give a ballpark estimate, we can have your transfers done and shipped within 6-48 hours

What file format should my artwork be?

Print Phase DTF Transfers Can Be Heat Pressed onto Almost Anything

Our High Quality DTF (Direct to Film) transfers can be applied at a wide range of temperatures including as low as 250* to avoid scorching synthetic fabrics making it suitable for almost any type of fabric. You name the fabric and our DTF tranfsers can be printed onto it while providing great durability and longlasting vivid colors.

100% Cotton


100% Polyester


Twill & Canvas

& More!

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