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what are screenprint transfers?

Screenprint transfers have been around since the 1970s.  The process is similar to direct screen-printing.  However, instead of printing directly onto a garment, special ink is printed onto a release paper, which can then be heat-applied onto a wide range of products.

Over the years, heat press, transfer paper, and ink technology have improved greatly, ensuring high-quality and durable printed products.  Screenprint transfers offer great versatility, allowing you to print on-demand while maintaining low overhead costs.  You can “gang” artwork, having different designs printed on the same transfer sheet, which reduces your production cost. Print Phase has taken the time to perform extensive research and development in order to determine the best combination of ink and paper for our transfers.

This ensures the highest possible quality screenprint transfer, while being durable and offering a low margin of error for beginning printers.  The overall print quality is also affected by the heat press itself, and the 3 important variables involved in heat pressing: Time, Temperature, and Pressure.  Print Phase knows exactly how to manipulate these variables to ensure the highest quality print.  We also offer high-quality heat presses which guarantee accurate time, temperature, and pressure every time, while also being durable enough to last for decades.

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